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Have you had a dog before?     What do dogs mean to you?

The history of the relationship between people and dogs is an old one. Depending on who you ask, it all started between ten and fifteen thousand years ago.Dogs have been long our partners, alerting us to danger. If you have ever had a close relationship with a dog, you must know how much dogs love and are faithful to their masters.

Today, however, people interact with their dogs in a variety of different ways, and there are a number of cases that are simply too horrible to witness. It seems most of these incidents occur not by fault of the dogs, but due to people’s selfish whims.photo-2016-10-26-9-05-32-am

Dogs have fallen prey to the world of consumerism. Puppies are “produced” in large numbers. Dogs are bred to be either larger or smaller to suit the season’s fashion. Even when they are known to have illnesses, dogs are still bred, resulting in puppies with congenital defects. Unwanted dogs are killed. Young puppies are separated too soon from their mothers, leaving them mentally incapable of socializing with other dogs.

The situation has become one in which dogs – living, breathing creatures full of emotion – are mass-produced on conveyor belts. When they have outlived their usefulness, they are put to sleep.

In passing a storefront window, the puppies are so cute and irresistible. You could try buying one just once, see how it goes. But what happens if the initial attraction fades? What happens if caring for a puppy is too much to handle…? The puppy will be abandoned.

The quality of a dog depends on both its breeder and its owner. Breeders and owners who love dogs take care of them by providing a balanced diet and clean environment with the philosophy that the health of the mating pair is of the highest importance. In doing all of this, it is the natural course of events that healthy puppies are born.

The present situation is riddled with problems. We hope to change it. The result will be a new relationship between people and dogs where owners will be supported and healed by their dogs and dogs will be strongly attached to their masters – their most valued companions. It is a partnership where both people and dogs live happily the rest of their lives together.


We are convinced of the following two principles:

  1. Puppies should be given by or bought from responsible breeders where the mating parents are healthy
  2. Any dogs that are no longer puppies should be sought at organizations active in the welfare of dogs.

Our Mission

We hope to establish a non-governmental organization (NPO) for the purpose of establishing a breeding license program.

To accomplish our goal, we need to exchange and gather information with people who care passionately about this issue. We look forward to receiving your valuable comments.

Please visit the Contact page to join our efforts (free).

Be advised that we will cancel memberships if they are identified to have harmful intentions toward our movement.                                                                                            2013/May/10

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