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We are open to Vancouver Down town in October, 2017.
Puppy Training Seminar for Owner.
Dear Puppy owner,
I have met a wonderful canine behaviorist who understands dog psychology here in Vancouver.
I can say that she is a very special person who has special knowledge about dogs and experiences with dogs.
What she can offer us matches with our concept to change canine world for better.
I truly feel that owners who have new puppies are very lucky to have this opportunity to be able to learn from her at her seminars.
 Because after you take her seminars, you are going to enjoy your life with your puppy that becomes a great partner without any hardship.
She coaches and guides her client how to train their dog so that they can build working relationship with own dogs.
Also she is popular with educating her clients how to live with their dogs, how to communicate with their dogs.
Canine Behaviourist has skills to read feering dogs, observe dogs  in a moment.
This is one Seminar you don’t want to miss last chance.
【Seminar target point】
All behaviour has meaning!
I use dog psychology to understand how a dog thinks and after behaves.
I will guide you how to train your dog
and how to communicate with your dog!
Does your dog listen yo you?
Does your dog frustrate you in public?
Does your dog stop what ever he or she is doing when you say NO?
Will you want to deepen ties with dogs.
You will wants to know more about what a dog is thinking.
If you have suffering from problems with dogs.
If you are leaving your puppy alone at home.
How to teach your dog what is good behaviour and inappropriate behaviour why you need to train your dog.
problem behaviour and solutions: Mouthing / Chewing, Toilet training, Barking, Crate training.
How to walk on leash (Equipment explanation), Socialization, Feeding.
Seminar Date : Oct 14th
Holding time : At 9am to 12 pm
Seminar tuition fee : $ 120.00
Capacity : Limited 10 seats (free for 1 family member)
Place: 736 Granville St, # 516, Vancouver, B. C. V6 Z 1 G 3
Canine Behaviorist, Dog Trainer: Y. Bonkowski
48 hours notice require for cancellation
Dogs are not allowed in the seminar venue.
* However the first 5 dogs of under 8kg will be taken care of by Canine Behavioral at different location.
If you are interested in this seminar,
Please contact us:
We can give you more information and application form.
If you have any further question, please let us know.
Thank you again and have a great day.
Best Regards,
Healthy Puppies of the World
Kayoko Nozue,


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