We desire to create a world with healthy puppies free from disease and where dogs are not euthanized or abandoned.

Our goal is to establish a breeder-operated license system reflecting the voices of the most respectable and qualified breeders.

We believe the most natural way for puppies to find homes is through a developed system of high-quality breeders. As for adult dogs, we hope that their adoption through protection agencies will become a global rule.

It is our belief that in the next two to three decades, we will achieve a world where dogs are not abandoned, they are healthy, loved and precious companions, and they live long, happy lives with their owners.

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What’s “The Organic Dog”?

Dog breeding and puppy millsphoto-2016-10-26-9-05-49-am

The Ten Commandment of Dog Ownership

Dog Laws around the world

Puppy Tube

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