What is “The Organic Dog”?

What is “The Organic Dog”?

All of us who are supporters of H.P.O.T.W love dogs a lot. Through our own experiences we know that dogs make our lives happy, give us love and comfort. Even though their lives are shorter than ours, they are able to give us beautiful precious memories that will live forever in our hearts. I know we all hope that all dogs are able to be as healthy and happy as possible. For this to happen there is only one way, which is the project I have embarked on called “Pure Dog Project”. The mission of this initiative is to ensure all dogs have a healthy pedigree. For this to happen only healthy dogs that breed naturally are able to have healthy puppies.


Have you ever heard about organic or ‘pure’? Almost everyone nowadays is aware of what this means. Then, have you ever thought about why most people like organic or pure things? In terms of foods like fruits and vegetables for example, organic means that no chemical fertilizers have been used in their growing process. This can also apply to non-edible products like cotton and other housewares.


4196c81d-f82c-412d-92f1-d21db5fe5bccHave you ever noticed the deplorable conditions that a lot of dogs live in around the world? Much like fashion in the clothing industry where one day a certain brand becomes popular and people only buy that brand of clothing, so too dog breeds tend to become popular by trends. As a result, people only want to purchase that popular dog breed which creates a high demand for such dogs. Hence, in order to satisfy this demand, dogs are often kept in despicable conditions where irresponsible dog breeders mistreat and harm them because they only care about breeding as many dogs as possible. The puppies that are born under these poor conditions will obviously not be healthy. They are often born weak, with diseases and even malformations.

So how do we choose pure or organic dogs? Well perhaps the same way we choose our vegetables when we go to the grocery store. These days many people who buy organic vegetables refer to the package and label of these foods to learn about their origin and certification. That way they can know about the growing process and farms from where the foods come from.  The same needs to be known about dogs. They will be a very important part of our family so it is crucial that we be able to know about their breeders, parents and the situation where they have been bred and raised as these are essential elements for their health and well-being which will in turn affect things like their temperament and long-term happiness.


shutterstock_281761124The same way farmers take great care to grow organic vegetables, so too great care needs to be taken to breed and raise pure dogs. This is why we are supporting those breeders who really love dogs and are willing to devote time and love to them. It is this love for dogs all over the world and our wish that they all be as happy and healthy as possible that we decide to create the project called “Organic/Pure Dog Project”- a project aimed at ensuring all dogs have a healthy pedigree.  For dogs to be happy, their breeders and care-givers need to be well-informed about dogs and what it takes to guarantee their health and happiness and that of their puppies. You can be part of helping this dream of ours become a reality. Please support our “Organic/Pure Dog Project” so that it can become a worldwide imitative supporting dogs and puppies all around the world.


Kayoko san: I think using the word PURE dog is better because “organic” used more for FOOD and not people or dogs!  

Vivianさん、それでも、私は、これから生まれる犬たちは、みんな健康血統 =「オーガニック犬」をのぞみたい、だから警鐘し続けます。加代子

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